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H3 Series 1-1.8t
LPG Forklift-Pneumatic (2000-3500 lbs. Capacity)
Product Feature
    The main parameter
    H3 series is the key product which HELI blockbuster launches. Based on the high technology, mass manufacturing capability and experienced sales and services of HELI, new H series becomes a milestone of HELI’s products which fully consider the needs of market and customers
    Improved performance, superior quality
    ● Vibration 20% reduced
    ●Noise 3dB reduced
    ● Workspace 45% increased
    ● Operator’s view 20% improved
    ● Working efficiency 20% improved
    ● Loading capacity increased over 5%
    ● Stability 5% improved
    ● Reliability 40% improved
    ● Engine hood open angle increased to 80°
The main parameter
Identification Series H3 Series
Model CPYD10 CPYD15 CPYD18
Rated capacity lb 2000 3000 3500
Load center in 24 24 24
Dimensions Overall height(overhead guard) in 84 84 84
Overall length(with fork/without fork) in 125.9/89.6 126.0/89.8 126.7/90.5
Overall width (single Tyre) in 42.1 42.1 42.1
Min.turning radius(exterior)(A single tyre is the same double tires) in 73.8 75.2 76.0
Weight Total weight lb 5414 6079 6365
Wheels,Chassis Tyre size(front/rear) in 6.50-10-10PR/5.00-8-8PR 6.50-10-10PR/5.00-8-8PR 6.50-10-10PR/5.00-8-8PR
Performance Max.traveling speed (Loaded/Unloaded) mph 10.0/10.6 10.0/10.6 10.0/10.6
Engine mode KUBOTA WG2503
Engine rated power HP/rpm GAS:57.4/2600 LPG:58.3/2600
Engine rated torque (ft*Ib)/rpm GAS:128.7/1400 LPG:120.7/1800
Engine cylinder number-bore x stroke in 4-3.5x40.3
piston displancement cu in 155.7
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